Neutering and Spaying. What time is the RIGHT time?

There seems to be quite a bit of controversy on this topic... Here's the sad truth about 670,000 dogs are euthanized in shelters each year. This is due to shelters not being able to afford caring for the massive number of dogs coming in their doors. A dog is considered "unadoptable" if they have behavioral … Continue reading Neutering and Spaying. What time is the RIGHT time?



Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV) also know as bloat is a life threatening  illness that occurs in dogs. It is when a dogs stomach becomes enlarged by air, food, or fluid. The stomach then twists putting pressure on a dogs other organs. This causes difficulty breathing and can lead to a decreased blood supply to vital organs. … Continue reading BLOAT.


Elliot is a 1 year old female Smooth Collie. She lives in Canada and enjoys hiking, swimming, and training. She loves to chow down on Beef tripe. And you can find her playing with her rope toys! Elliot is currently in training to become an Emotional Support Dog! GO ELLIOT! We can't wait to hear … Continue reading Elliot


Steele is a 9 month old male Siberian Husky. He lives in the United States. He enjoys catching moths (yum!), running, car selfies, and making friends at the park. His favorite snack is peanut butter. He loves his two stuffed Alpacas and his stuffed Camel. We're all wondering how he'd feel about peanut butter moths. … Continue reading Steele