Bennie is a 3┬ámonth old male Dalmatian. He lives in the United States. He loves to play with Willow the Weimaraner and snack on bananas. His favorite toys are balls and ropes. His pawrents have informed us that he is a shoe thief! Follow him on Instagram @BennieTheDalmatian  



Kona is a 7 week old female Dalmatian! She lives in the USA. She loves chasing ducks, swimming, and playing tug of war. Her favorite thing to munch on are Scooby Snacks. She loves to play with her ropes and bones. You can follow Kona on Instagram @Kona_Dalmation


Kinga is a 5 month old female Weimaraner. She resides in Latvia. Her hobbies include eating, sleeping, and causing trouble. Her favorite snack is deer. She enjoys playing with any toy that squeaks. She also has the most gorgeous eyes! You can find Kinga on Instagram @kingatheweimaraner