Axel, Bodhi, And Princess Leia

Axel is a 5 year old male German Wirehaired Pointer. He lives in the United States. he enjoys chasing bumble bees and keeping a close eye on his human. He's a fan of ALL the treats and his totally ball crazy. Bodhi is a 2 year old male German Wirehaired Pointer. He is known as the … Continue reading Axel, Bodhi, And Princess Leia



Kona is a 7 week old female Dalmatian! She lives in the USA. She loves chasing ducks, swimming, and playing tug of war. Her favorite thing to munch on are Scooby Snacks. She loves to play with her ropes and bones. You can follow Kona on Instagram @Kona_Dalmation


Linc is a one year old male German Shepherd. He resides is Australia. He loves swimming, paddle boarding, walking on the beach, and chasing sticks. His favorite snack is a quesadilla and he'll chew any stick to smithereens. He is the friendliest dog in his neighborhood. If you give him a scent he will track … Continue reading Linc


Nia is a 5 month old female Chow Chow born on January 30, 2017. She resides in Switzerland. She loves to go on long walks and hikes, swim, and play. Her favorite snack is chicken strips. She loves to play with her teddy bear. A fun fact about Nia is that she loves kids! Find … Continue reading Nia