Mini is a 1 year old female Maltese from Serbia. She loves walking, running and playing. her favorite things to snack on are Pedigree dog treats and Chicken. Her favorite toy is her white teddy bear. Her pawrents say that she's very playful and friendly. Who wouldn't want to play with her?! Follow her on…



Linc is a one year old male German Shepherd. He resides is Australia. He loves swimming, paddle boarding, walking on the beach, and chasing sticks. His favorite snack is a quesadilla and he'll chew any stick to smithereens. He is the friendliest dog in his neighborhood. If you give him a scent he will track…


Kinga is a 5 month old female Weimaraner. She resides in Latvia. Her hobbies include eating, sleeping, and causing trouble. Her favorite snack is deer. She enjoys playing with any toy that squeaks. She also has the most gorgeous eyes! You can find Kinga on Instagram @kingatheweimaraner